Perhaps you have  noticed the dramatic increase in media coverage across the country concerning mold.

Black mold can be a serious environmental health issue, but not all mold is the type that causes severe health problems

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Many children and adults have experienced reactions including sinus troubles, headaches, body aches, general flu-like symptoms and irritation of the eyes, nose and throat. In extreme cases, asthma, scarred lungs and neurological disorders have been seen.

Some mold problems are obvious because you see it. Sometimes mold problems are not so obvious. Mold can be found underneath wallpaper and baseboards, behind walls, or the mold could be growing in areas you can’t see, such as the ducts of a heating/cooling system. In this case, the only way to know if mold spores are present is to have mold testing done.

Affordable Inspections can perform an Air Quality testing for any residence or office in Florida.

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